felt  x fell 
(these two past tense verbs always get mixed up!)

felt: past tense of feel 

  • Yesterday, I  felt really sick !

fell: past tense of fall

  • He fell on his skateboard while going up the ramp.

funny x fun 

funny: describes something as being humorous

  • The movie was so funny

fun: describes something as entertaining

  • Going on the rollercoaster was so much fun

stranger x foreigner 

stranger: a person whom you don’t know

  • I don’t open the door to strangers

foreigner: a person from a different country living in your country. 

  • When foreigners come here, it will take a long time for them to get adjusted! 

especially x specifically

especially: when you have a choice and you like one above all others with enthusiasm. 

  • I love ice-cream, and especially chocolate! 

specially: another word for “specifically” to highlight an important point without enthusiastic positivity. 

  • we need to close all the accounts, specially this one that isn’t doing well. 

host x guest 

host: the person who is organizing an event

  • ask the host if she has an exctra wine glass for you. 

guest: a visitor at an event

  • all guests should bring a gift at a wedding. 

Meaning x opinion 

meaning: the definition of a word or further explanation of an action for clarification.

  • what is the meaning of the word “curse” 
  • I see you didn’t understand me, what I meant was that I think we should stop being in a relationship.

opinion: a personal evaluation or judgement about something or someone.

  • My opinion is that we are actually doomed ! 

chef x chief 

chef: a professional head cook in a restaurant

  • the chef on tv creates amazing dishes

chief: the head top professional in certain fields. 

  • the chief inspector will come here soon to look at the progress. 


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