Do you prefer focusing on a specific English topic? No problem, I got you covered.  

With English Prague you can speak about music for one hour, and work on your business skills the next.

Prefer to pay as you go ? You can buy a 60 minute hour to practice any English topic with me. Find inspiration from the list of class offers below. 

launch special price: 40 eur

Want to get serious about your English? Take weekly lessons  online, or in Prague. Get in touch to book.

Launch Special Prices

40 eur / 900 CZK  per hour for individual lessons. 

50 eur / 1200 CZK per hour for two people. 


10% for 5 lessons paid in advance

15% for 10 lessons paid in advance 

Feel like your team needs to step up their English skills to better communicate with team members and clients? 

I offer a 2 hour, interactive business English workshop session in Prague. 

Get in touch to book 

    • email communication: clear and diplomatic writing
    •  negotiation language
    •  improve your presentations 
    •  confidence building in spoken English with useful tips
    •  and more

Launch Special Price: 150 eur / 3,700 CZK  (2-4 participants) + travel expenses if outside of Prague 

Are you a creative or an art student who has trouble expressing your work in English? Do you want to be able to communicate with international clients to sell your work at galleries, or your skills online? 

This 2.5 hour workshop in Prague will get you feeling more confident in English.

Get in touch to book 

    • Speak about your skills  and current pieces
    • Discuss past work
    • Tips on how to continue speaking (fake it till you  make it, baby!) 
    • Learn useful phrases 
    • Role-play for specific contexts – customized to your needs.

Launch Special Price: EUR 150 (1-4 participants) + travel expenses if outside of Prague

Discount: 20% for students 


Don’t see what you are looking for ? 

Contact me for customized private lessons and workshops for you or your company.




English hour for topics of the mind from the field of psychology. Discuss and learn about personality traits, mental health, or even cognitive science.


English hour for artists. Express yourself better about art at a museum or with international associates. Or discuss your photography and creations with potential clients.


English hour on how to sound natural at a restaurant or pub. Useful phrases, slang, small talk with strangers, and everything in between.


English hour for travellers. Learn new useful phrases, write Instagram stories, chat about travelling, or plan making.


English hour to speak confidently with engaging topics and relaxed vibe. Travelling, restaurants, life , sports, culture, or anything you want to talk about.


English hour to help you better communicate project status updates with clients. Work on project walk-throughs, clear e-mail writing, presentations, or any target you need.


English hour for intermediate and advanced conversation on politics, elections, world events, economics.


English hour to improve your writing on any topic from economics to the humanities. Focus on tone, content, grammar and more.


English hour for you to be the lion or lioness you know you are with your international partners : for stronger presentations, negotiations, meetings and e-mail writing.


English hour dedicated to improving grammar skills in a way you will finally understand. Prepositions, articles, tenses, conditionals and more.

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