Travel Hour


Book a private 60 minute session with me to express yourself better during your travels.



A private 60 minute online session to study with me, an experienced American teacher.

We will choose one topic that you are interested in, for example; preparing for a hiking trip, and then role-play that situation, as well as, expand on your knowledge of the theme’s vocabulary. You will practice common expressions, speak about your past trips and gain confidence in English.

The style of the lesson is structured on :

  • phrases: practical language for checking-in , reservations, speaking with locals and more for travellers of every variety and.
  • practice dialogues and conversation.
  • read a short text on the topic for discussion.
  • 15 minute correction of your mistakes with notes in Google Docs


After the purchase of the session, I will contact you and together we will agree on the time of the lesson.

All materials will be provided in an easy to use shared Google Document.

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