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Even my most advanced students trip up with their English. And that is quite alright! It’s normal to make mistakes in a foreign language. One cannot learn without trying, and sometimes failing, right? 

Now onto the errors, are you able to correct these sentences into proper Engligh? 


1. It works that you will call your car and it will come

2. Everything is lighted at night

3.We played like a woman in the game

4.I think anyone lose their nerve

5. You have to legitimize yourself if police asked

6. If you take turn to left, it is there

7. She lived very poor

8. She has time for granddaughter

9. Many people have different meanings about her

10. Not everyone will vaccine themselves.


1. The way it works is that you call your car and it comes

‘will’ = predictions, or sometimes for plans. Not for describing the usual process.

2. Everything is lit up at night

3. We played as a woman in the game

‘as’ = describes the role. ‘Like’ = shows a comparison to something. i.e. She worked like a robot nonstop

4. I think anyone would lose their nerve

‘would’ = hypothetical guesses / predictions

5. You have to identify yourself if the police asks.

‘legitimize’= legal process of authorization

zero conditional form ! -> subject + present simple, if + present simple

6. If you take the left (If you go left / If you turn left), it is there.

7. She lived very poorly.

poor = adjective (describe what it is). Poorly = adverb (describes how you do it)

8. She has time for her granddaughter

In English, we have to put a ‘determiner’ (my, your, our, the ) in front of family members.

9. Many people have different opinions of her

‘meaning’ = definition of a word, or interpretation of an event.

10. Not everyone will get vaccinated.

“A vaccine” is the thing you put into your body – it cannot be used as a ve

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