vintage man illustrating drunk american english phrases

Phrases and slang to express how intoxicated you are – or the American English they don’t teach you in school

get booze (alcohol) – let’s get booze and go to mine?
be tipsy – I’m somewhat tipsy, but I can still go for more rounds!
be intoxicated (bit formal) – that man is highly intoxicated, lets cross the street.
be stoned – that was a good j , she’s stoned out of her mind!
be high – I can’t believe that grass got me so high! I’m high as a kite!
be lit – I’m lit and feeling good!
be wrecked – I’m completely wrecked, I’m taking an Uber home!
be hammered – those two over there are completely hammered, they can’t even walk straight!
be tanked – She’s tanked!
be plastered – same as wrecked, hammered.
be bombed – plastered, plus the other two.
be sloshed – same as above.
be piss ass drunk – same same.
be annihilated -same, same – but even more hardcore.
be a lightweight – he can’t handle his alcohol, he’s such a lightweight, man.
be fucked up / be shitfaced – I’m so shitfaced I can’t put my socks on!
be hungover / have a hangover – I can’t open my eyes, I have such a hangover / I’m so hungover
be sober – I’m sober, I can drive no problem! * never trust that statement 😉

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