You have probably learned that business e-mails should begin with something like “Dear Mr.Smith” and end with “Kind Regards.” While these opening and closing greetings are proper for business e-mails to new clients, or during initial contact, once you form a relationship with a business partner, e-mailing becomes much more informal, yet still professional.

What’s more, Americans and other English speakers tend to write more diplomatically, and rarely insist on immediate results with phrases like; “I need this immediately,” or “Send this to me now.” You can (and should) get the same point across in a friendlier, and more considerate tone by just adding “please” and replacing strong adverbs like ‘immediately’ or ‘asap’ with more indirect phrasing

Luckily this is easily avoided if you just use some of the informal phrases below. 


Hi Eve

Hello Eve

Hey Eve (very informal)

Dear Eve  (neutral, more formal) 

Formal phrases to avoid: Dear Mr.Smith , Good Day Anne


Hello All

Hi Everyone

Hey guys (very informal)

Greetings Everyone

Common mistake: Dears


I hope you are well

I hope you had a nice weekend

How’s the situation going over there?

How are you?

How’s it going? 

Common mistakes: going straight to the point without a little bit of “small talk” when you are writing to your business associate , or customer for the initial request.


I’m writing to you regarding…

I have a request for you…

Could you please… 

Regarding the last meeting, could you…

About that spreadsheet, …

Formal phrases to avoid: In reference to our last correspondence /  Would you be so kind and …


Unfortunately, the presentation will be delayed, but I am working to get it to you asap.

Unexpectedly, there is a problem with the…

It’s really regrettable for me, but I won’t make it to the meeting. 


Attached I’m sending you

The spreadsheet is attached

See the attachment please

You can find it in the attachment

Have a look at the attachment .

I’ve attached…


If you have any questions, please let me know

Of course, if you have any questions just reach out to me

Don’t hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions

Let me know if you need any help or have any further questions.


Informal: I am looking forward to meeting you

Most informal: Looking forward to the meeting

Formal phrase to avoid: I look forward to meeting you


Have a good one,


Have a nice weekend,

Have a nice rest of the day,

Speak to you soon / speak soon

Talk later (very informal) , laterz (slang)

Formal phrases to avoid: Kind regards / best regards / sincerely / yours sincerely

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