Developers and IT Hour


Book a private 60 minute session with me to master your English skills in the IT field.



A private 60 minute online session to study with me, an experienced American teacher.

We will choose one topic that you are interested in, for example; giving a project walk-through, and then role-play an interview, or presentation with a potential client. You will practice appropriate expressions, speak about your offer and gain confidence in English.

The style of the lesson is structured on :

  • phrases: idioms and real English phrases for information technology experts and project managers in the IT field.
  • Speaking:  dialogues and conversation
  • Practical writing: email phrases / presentations / product walk-throughs
  • 15 minute correction of your mistakes with notes in Google Docs


After the purchase of the session, I will contact you and together we will agree on the time of the lesson.

All materials will be provided in an easy to use shared Google Document.

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