English Prague is a resource for studying English outside of boring textbooks and traditional school. Improve your language skills with free ‘cheat sheets’ on vocabulary, grammar, common English mistakes and more topics with free short worksheets. To help you advance to the next level, you can also study English privately with me, an American instructor.  You don’t need to buy a course in advance, although that is also available. You can take a a one hour class on any subject. Maybe you want to speak about travelling today, and focus on business English tomorrow – no problem, just purchase a “one hour english” lesson from the offer below, or just send me an email me. And, for those that want to be English super stars, customized interactive in-person workshops can make your group really stand out. Check out all the offers here 


The best way to learn is by making mistakes. Unless you speak, you won’t tumble and learn!

Hey there! My name’s Marianna and I’m a New Yorker who’s been living and teaching English privately in beautiful Prague for 13 years. Even after all this time, with many awesome students from all walks of life, I still enjoy  geeking out over finding new ways to explain difficult English concepts while using innovative, engaging language instruction . When I’m not teaching, I do street photography, argue theories about geopolitics at the pub, go to concerts, and listen to (too many) podcasts while experimenting in the kitchen. 


  • Soft skills trainer professional certificate, ATD NYC , 2019
  • TEFL certificate of English Teaching, Oxford Seminars 2007
  • Bachelor’s in psychology and philosophy , Brooklyn College, CUNY 2004

Book a 60 minute class with me, a private English teacher. No need to commit to more than that if you don't want to. Various topics and styles available. Purchase classes directly.


Want to take regular weekly lessons with a skilled private English instructor ? No problem. I offer customized courses for the classics:  grammar, conversation, test preparation, business topics. 


2 hours to get your team on board with better English. Improve presentations , emailing, negotiations and much more. Customized to your needs.

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